Thursday, 26 May 2016

How to find 5 star resorts in Kanha National Park?

A getaway means some peace and quiet. In your mind you conjure up an image of being alone the depths of nature. This is exactly what you can expect to find at the Kanha National Park. For those who find big cats fascinating this is the right place to visit. One of the few places in India where one can still sight the magnificent Indian Tiger. The Kanha National Park houses a large variety of birds for those who enjoy nature and bird watching. The rare swamp deer has been saved from extinction with the preservation program at this park. There is no dearth of wildlife for those who have never had the opportunity. It is a unique experience to see animals in their natural habitat. 

5 star comforts 

5 star resorts in kanha national park
Wherever we may go we have been spoilt with certain comforts and no matter what you just can't seem to do without them. Red Coral brings you 5 star resorts in kanha national park facilities in the middle of the wilderness. Nature is fine in her place, but for us to rough it out becomes a little uncomfortable and it is for this reason that your cottage in the Singinawa Jungle Lodge is equipped with all the items of luxury that you could want. Being in the heart of the jungle doesn’t mean you can't enjoy the luxuries of a comfortable life too!

Modern amenities

The Singinawa Jungle Lodge provides you with all the facilities that you would have in your day to day life and more. With modern amenities, luxurious bathrooms, the fully air conditioned and well-lit cottages you lack almost nothing. The swimming pool and spa ensures that you have everything you need all within close reach. The stone cottages with slate roofs are very charming. It adds to the jungle feel. You are in a place where you can just lounge on the veranda and think about nothing at all. While here, it is so easy to forget everything else in life.  

Enjoy the wilderness 

A few days in the wilderness with nothing but greenery all around and you feel like you are on a different planet. With hardly anther soul in sight, it is the ultimate luxury resorts in corbett of freedom. After a while you tend to forget that there is a world outside. Your cottage is secluded so you have total privacy and no interference from anyone one else. A rare experience in our otherwise crowded world that hardly offers people space to breath.

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